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rocking horses

Friends Only



Feel free to leave me a comment and I will be hapy to get to know you!
I will have some public enteries(photoshoots, art posts, sewing stuff, meetup notices, ect) but to read my daily rantings you need to be friended!

If you add me PLEASE leave a comment here and tell me something about your self!

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I'm a rori who just moved up into Memphis to attend MCA.
(There's another one at the school, too! I was really excited.)
But I looked you guys up on the egl comm and just wanted to drop you a line.
Let me know when the next meet-up is! My wardrobe is real limited right now because I left most of my lolita in Alabama, but I can scrounge up something. :]


I went to MCA for a few years! JOIN LJ! I would love to add you!!
Email me sometime, I would love to get lunch or something <3 (I live in the apts across from overton park xDDD)
lets get together, nice to hear from you!


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