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Life changes. Some things stay the same.
josef preach
Past few weeks have been hard.

OH but first, my spider bite healed well I just have a small scar from where they did stitches after they removed some of the skin. Yes. Ew. Doesnt look too bad though. A constant reminder of my new arachnophobia. Had to do two shots every day for two weeks to get rid of the toxin and loss a 2x2in square of skin.

In other health related news, I am probably the least healthy person you will ever know besides my dad.

I am now allergic to not just Gluten/wheat, but Milk, eggs, onion, tomato, apples, and most high fatty acid foods. YAY CHRONS! But seriously... I am allowed to eat like... .0029% of all foods ever. I will also eventually have a feeding tube in my stomach to help me supplement what I don't get.

I am on 22 pills a day now with three shots.
Shit sucks. Dialysis is kicking my ass as well as a low radiation treatment I am on is making me loose hair (not all of it dont worry). So I do all of that bi-weekly. It makes me achey and takes like 3 hrs a session so it is BORING.

Me, J, and Nick(brother) went on a short road trip to Little Rock to see Jillian for her birthday because Nick fucked up his car (lol). It was fun! We had a suprisingly fun time, and of course me and Nick together is always hillarious. Always nice to be the "Fin's" again. I bought two GREAT vintage inspired dresses, one a sailor styled polka dot halter and the other a sleek white and black wiggle suit dress. They is too hot! And were CHEAP and fit my hueg boobs = DOUBLE WIN!!

I am down almost 10lbs. I started running again and try to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. (when I dont feel like I am about to die...)
I cut my bangs. I have had straight cut bangs fornever and a day now. So I gave myself Bettie Paige bangs!
It so so retro cute it makes me die, and I get compliments on it all the time!
I have become super into vintage fashion lately. I still wear a shiton of lolita, but when I dont want to be frilly I pretend I am a 1940's starlet with nothing to loose. I do roller sets or pincurl my hair like 4-5 days a week now and almost never straighten anything but my bangs. It's made me not hair/makeup lazy xD. J loves it too, makes me his official adorable wartime housewife.

I like it makes me use all my high end makeup I keep around... god knows I have it in bukus... (still need to order some of the items from MACs pret a paiper line... 8X)

...sooo.... have a shitty webcam shot of me all vintage-y

(second best hat I own)
thanks to everyone at lailu 's sephora xDD I wear the SHIT out of my new red lipsticks... and the awesome obnoxious bright pink one from NARS.

....wait what "stayed the same"... why is that in the title... oh ya... I AM STILL AWESOME.

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Yes, you are awesome. And you're the prettiest sick person I know. You've made it this far...keep your spirits up. Things are bound to get better.

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