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rocking horses

Friends Only



Feel free to leave me a comment and I will be hapy to get to know you!
I will have some public enteries(photoshoots, art posts, sewing stuff, meetup notices, ect) but to read my daily rantings you need to be friended!

If you add me PLEASE leave a comment here and tell me something about your self!

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this is going to be such a silly comment! i was searching btssb on flickr, trying to find some photos of green jsks, and i saw the amazing photo you took of novala in front of the memphis bridge xD i figured you had been in memphis and taken the photo, but no, you live here! i've been desperately trying to find friends in memphis who are lolitas.. and you have bjds, too, which is something you do not see here ;__;

so, yes, i am in memphis, and i hope it's okay that i add you! my name is anna. :D

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