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rocking horses

Friends Only



Feel free to leave me a comment and I will be hapy to get to know you!
I will have some public enteries(photoshoots, art posts, sewing stuff, meetup notices, ect) but to read my daily rantings you need to be friended!

If you add me PLEASE leave a comment here and tell me something about your self!

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I didnt say friends cut tard ^^
I am just making it private! You are still on my list lol

Haaay! Add me? ♥

(I r teh Rachael)

I'm DOA member, ranmanekineko, and I added you because I like meeting new people that also like the bjd hobby!

Nice to meet you!
cant wait to get to know you ^_~

Hey you. Looks like I've got a new journal after all (totally forgot about this account). So like, friend-me, so I'll know what's going on with you and stuff. ♥

took long enough ne? ANSWER UR PHONE!

I have tracked you down.
...and am tagging you for furthur analysis.

*action bastard pose* AHHHHHAHAHAHAHAAAA.

Ouch! cooooooooooooool I have been TAGGED!

*action bastard pose* AhHHHAHAHAHAHAH

this is going to be such a silly comment! i was searching btssb on flickr, trying to find some photos of green jsks, and i saw the amazing photo you took of novala in front of the memphis bridge xD i figured you had been in memphis and taken the photo, but no, you live here! i've been desperately trying to find friends in memphis who are lolitas.. and you have bjds, too, which is something you do not see here ;__;

so, yes, i am in memphis, and i hope it's okay that i add you! my name is anna. :D

Hiya!! ^^

I'm Shin from DoA. I just noticed you have lj. Would you mind if I add you? ^__^

That would be great! I will add you as well.

Hiya. I added you and wanted to say HIIYA ^^

Oh hai thar.
Happened upon your profile by searching for delicious Bikko.
How goes it?

Hey~ It's Shen Xia from DOA/Sara from the Memphis meets. XDD; I finally decided to make an LJ account!

It is great to hear from you! I hope you are doing well and welcome to LJ!

Hey! It's Amber! I just finally figured out how to add peoples! 8D

er ^^; I just bought a dolleh from you ~~ wanna be my friiiieeend? =))

(Deleted comment)
<3 (sorry it took so long my messages are slooooooooooooooooooooow!)

Hi there! I never got your PM from you. were you interested in purchasing that dress?

I'm a rori who just moved up into Memphis to attend MCA.
(There's another one at the school, too! I was really excited.)
But I looked you guys up on the egl comm and just wanted to drop you a line.
Let me know when the next meet-up is! My wardrobe is real limited right now because I left most of my lolita in Alabama, but I can scrounge up something. :]


I went to MCA for a few years! JOIN LJ! I would love to add you!!
Email me sometime, I would love to get lunch or something <3 (I live in the apts across from overton park xDDD)
lets get together, nice to hear from you!


Heyyyyyyyy it's Alica! I added ya!

Hello there,
You are being paged about a doll head transaction on Den of Angels...hope it gets cleared up!

Hello! I'd like to add you as a friend and also let you know that I sent you an e-mail about being a mod in the loli_able comm. ^^

Heya! This is Amber's friend, Heather. We met at A2F and said I hoped your dolly didn't poop in your purse. =3

Can Sami be your friend? (:

sorry it took so long <3

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